It’s Basic P.D.D.

Purpose. Direction. Desire.

These are words that I believe in different stages of our life we all struggle with from time to time.

These can be distractions based on how we see other people on social media, performing at the professional athlete level, watching other people get promoted, personal life changes, or even negativity from the peanut gallery.

We live in a very different world than what a lot of my generation is used to. Having debates, voicing your opinion, or disagreeing with others has turned into being offensive. Honestly, most of it has to do with parenting. It starts with accountability at home, disciplining out of love, actions have consequences.

We have gone from playground fights to social media bullying. It has gone from solving situations face to face to hiding behind a text message or social media post to harass others.
How does this take away from purpose, direction, or drive? People sit on their cell phones besides using their abilities to help themselves or others. The people that send text and harass others by phone is simply a distraction from their own personal issues.

What do I mean by that? They have so much confusion and anger about their own lives they can only focus on others to keep their mind off their own issues. If we don’t look in the mirror, focus on our hurts, or focus on our flaws the only other option is deflection on others.

For a lot of people this would hinder their purpose, direction, or desire to fulfill their purpose in life. For me it is fuel. It makes me want to focus more on my purpose, direction, and desires to be a more humble and serving person.

We see it everyday on Facebook, Instagram, or news outlets. Where people are getting all up in people’s personal lives for what purpose? As Denzel Washington stated in an interview, it’s the desire to first not to ensure you have all the facts or even understanding the situation. It’s just to be first to gain a dollar or attention no matter who you hurt in the process.

I stated parenting earlier in the article. Parents that get their kids out of every mistake or situation only enable them to be entitled when they get older. It’s been going on for a while now, but it consistently getting worse as time goes on.
So how do we reverse this issue?

Parents have to stop being friends with their kids at a young age and allow suffering to happen when they are wrong. Parents have to stop attacking teachers for their kids mistakes. Parents have to monitor their kids phones as it only takes one second to ruin their lives.

Can we as parents allow our kids to have opinions? Of course but with limits.
I have been wrong myself with social media, especially during political elections. We all have had times where our emotions get the best of us and we take it to social media. What is the purpose? There isn’t one. It’s in the moment we think our opinion will get discovered and change something.

We as parents have to take responsibility and be parents and set the tone and example. Yes restricting our kids from things causes us to change our schedules at times, but that’s our responsibility.

Stop letting Hollywood, Professional Athletes, or Social Influencers have so much influence in forming your kids opinions. Yes, teach them your family values, your standards of respecting our country’s freedom, and your faith values.

Purpose. Direction. Desire. These are taught in the prime middle school and high school years of kids. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Be an encouragement today.

Focus on your purpose, direction, and desire as it might encourage someone else to get going in the right direction.

It’s a new day. It’s a new start.

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