How Much Can We Handle

When we are little kids our lives are being molded and we don’t even know it. We are to young thinking we are invisible to a world that will eventually tear us a part.

When we are little kids we are making memories whether good or bad. Those memories mold us into what we will become later in life. If we are honest there are years later in life, as we get older that we remember things that we had forgotten until something reminds us of that particular memory.

We might act a certain way that was a learned behavior as a kid, we might process situations differently from situations we experienced as a kid, or we might even be triggered by certain situations in life based off how WE remember certain situations.

As kids we are so free spirited for the most part. I am sure some kids that are adults today didn’t quite have the childhood they dreamed of. There might be kids that blame certain situations for how their life is now from when they were growing up.

Kids are so creative with any objects laying around the house. As parents we sit back and laugh uncontrollably at their imagination. A lot of parents want kids to be kids, which I certainly agree with. You cannot get a second, a minute, a hour, or a day back. As a kid we aren’t even able to process or understand this in life.

As we get older with more responsibilities, as our parents get older with sickness or health issues, as friends and families take different directions, or as we experience hard times in life. We look into the mirror asking ourselves why did I take that second, minute, hour, or a day for granted.

There is someone right now crying into a pillow based off their current situation. There is a person trying to find some peace in a situation they don’t even know how to explain. There is someone that is so anxious that they just want it to stop, but doesn’t know how to ask for help. There is someone trying to find anything to heal their loved one, their best friend, or maybe even their parent.

There are people walking around right in front us in our town, in an airport, in our church, or driving past us that are completely broken. We wouldn’t even know based on how they present themselves. Some people hide behind their smiles, some people bury themselves in work, or some people find a way to present themselves perfect until they close their home door.

Well this sounds completely depressing! We were imagining our childhood moments and now you are talking about people walking around completely miserable. That is how fast life can change. If we aren’t building relationships with others, learning their stories, learning their fears, learning about where they are in life. How can we help people?

Yes, Jesus tells us that He won’t give us more than we can handle, but that doesn’t mean we want to handle it. We watch movies all the time when things are great, and then the movie turns leaving our feelings completely destroyed by the plot. Yes that is a movie. They are pretending to have those emotions, but this is happening every day.

If you are in a certain situation that you don’t understand. I am sorry. I have been in quite of a few situations that I didn’t understand and asked why me. Some days I am still not sure I understand. If we try to handle situations alone we will break! We were not made to be alone. Remember that is why God created a man and woman.

If you are in situation that is breaking you, that is causing you much anxiety, or you are having to shallow your pain for days or weeks. Yes. You will break. We can’t walk in this life alone. We need others around us to empty every tear and scream why. We need others in our life that we can completely exhale and let all those anxieties out. We need others in our life that we can pick up the phone no matter the time just to be there.

We all know people that have been in these situations. We put our heads down wondering what we could have done different. This is part of compassionate service. Loving others before ourselves. Making that one phone call we should. Going to see that person that God puts on your heart. Making time to check on a friend that you know is trying their best to put one foot in front of the other, while they think they are walking on glass waiting for it to shatter.

On of my favorite movies is A Star is Born. If this movie doesn’t take you on a rollercoaster of emotions, you might not be human. Whether you like Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, or you think it’s a ridiculous remake. That’s beyond the point. Jackson Maine grew up in a terrible situation. He made the best of it. He used his talents to entertain others. Fell in love with Ally. He still had a ton of issues. She never walked away. She never gave up on him. Her life was changed because of Jackson Maine believing in her. Just when we thought everything was going great after his rehab treatment. The movie leaves you completely speechless. What happened. He had a so many scars covered up and thought he was bringing the love of his life down. So he did what HE thought was best.

Don’t wait for the glass to shatter. Don’t let your friends carry their burden alone. Don’t assume someone else will do it. Most of all, ensure you do it. As that friend could be at their limit. Some people might not even talk, but your presence could change the entire situation.


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