Anxiety vs Dreams

Do you ever feel like you life is going in circles? Do you mean round and round? The thing that pops in my mind is. The guy wearing all the protective gear on a motorcycle. Yes. The stunt where he slowly goes higher and higher. Then all of sudden is going is circles faster than your head can keep up with.

Or wait… what about a cat or dog chasing it’s tail around. Or even even the relay race you played on field day in elementary school. When you put your forehead on the bat and spun in circles. Then you had to run to the next task.

You see going in circles can seem quite dangerous, sometimes even a little funny, but it can also be challenging. So I will ask you again. Do you ever feel like your life is going in circles?

Circles? I don’t think anyone’s life could possibly be going in circles. Well you are right. However, sometimes we can get into a rut or complacency which makes use feel feel like we can’t get to the next phase or season in life. It’s almost as you are going in circles and you just want the madness to stop.

No ones really listens to your ideas at work. You have the same conversations with your kids about what is really important. You had a uniquely rough year and everyone seems to forget. You try to do everything to get back to where you were before things went sideways.

Then sometimes you even ponder if God is even listening to you because everything seems to be.. Well don’t stop.. Say it! Say what? That’s right sometimes you don’t even know what to say. Yes. If we are honest we have all been here in our lives at some point or another.

Why do you think this happens? Did I not say the right prayers? Did I not pray hard enough? Has my sin caused God to not listen to me?

No! Sometimes you just get into a rut. Sometimes you know exactly why you feel like you are going in circles. Sometimes your anxiety is so bad you can’t even reason with yourself because the hypotheticals are so bizarre that you think it’s reality.

Of course. You have those people that always say. It’s just your anxiety relax. You’re making things worse on yourself. Yes I am right there. You want to find the tallest object, jump, and drop kick them in the mouth. Maybe if we did. It would make us feel better.

When you get in this particular place in life. It’s called control. Yes. You have to let go, breathe, relax, and trust God is working or even preparing you for something new. Anxious people hate waiting. They want the answers right now! Actually they wanted them yesterday, but they are still waiting.

A lot of this comes from feeling under valued, not using your gifts, wanting to accomplish what God is telling you, but you don’t have all the answers.

Well Abraham didn’t have all the answers. He still went. Noah didn’t have all the answers. He still built the boat. The disciples didn’t have a clue. They still went. David didn’t know the outcome. He still threw the stone.

I guess your catching on. We put ourselves in these circles, foggy areas, or pit falls. Why? The only reason I know. Is being scared. Letting go of full control. Trusting God completely. Yes. Then GO! Don’t look back. Don’t second guess. Don’t listen to negativity. Don’t let the overly concerned cause more anxiety and confusion.

Put your blinders on. Only listen to the ones that build you up, jump on board with you, and jump in the deep to help you when you get tired. We all have dreams. Dreams only come true when you put them into action.

Don’t settle for the cookie cutter lifestyle. Don’t settle in life because you want to play it safe. Don’t settle and pass up your dream because you don’t know the next step. Don’t settle because of negative, sinful people.

If I had settled I wouldn’t be listening to the beach right now. I wouldn’t have seen the moonlight on the ocean tonight. I wouldn’t have watched my kids running on the cold sand tonight. Settling is nothing more than being complacent or living in fear. Every once in a while you have to live. Every once in a while you have to trust Jesus.

Remember every second is a second you can’t get back. Stop trying to please people and start following your dreams that Jesus has imprinted on your heart. If you believe you aren’t there. I pray you experience it sooner than later. It will change your life and many other lives around you.

Psalm 20:4 “May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.”

Psalm 33:11 “But the plans of the Lord stand firm forever, the purposes of his heart through all generations.”

Psalm 37:4-5 “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

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