Many people fear change. If we are honest many people resist change if they can control it. I mean if we are being real many of us dislike 1 or 2 of the 4 seasons.

In life we all go through seasons of life as well. The toddler season is when we are learning about all the different things we can get into. Then the seasons start to fly by. Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, High, College, then adulthood.

All these seasons define us into the individual we will become throughout adulthood. Most people really think this way. These are stages of life as we go from a toddler to an adult, but seasons in life are a lot different than this.

Just as every year as 4 seasons, we might have multiple seasons during each stage of our lives. So yes stages and seasons in life are very different. When I was in high school I had a season where basketball was everything to me. After one year of college basketball that season came to an end. The next season for me was the military. In which that was a short season in my life that had a lot of impact.

Are you starting to catch on. During that military season there were hundreds of soldiers I interacted with on a daily basis, but very few friends came out of that season in life. Some of these friends are still friends of mine today.

I think in life we have certain relationships that we think will last forever. However sometimes when seasons change certain friends don’t continue to the next season of life as I spoke about in my opening video tonight. Why is that? Maybe they disagree with the change. Maybe the actions of the relationships change. Maybe they just slowly come to an end. Is that bad thing? Absolutely not. People come and go all the time. We just get complicate with life and think things will never change.

Take a look at Saul to Paul. Saul had a season where he was bashing and killing Christians. Then when he had a “God” moment of change, he entered into the Paul season where he walked more than any other evangelist sharing the Gospel. Each season had a purpose. Each season lessons were learned. Each season made the journey that much more powerful for Paul, as he talked about his seasons, transformation, and the good it did for the Gospel.

We have to pay attention in each season of our life or we might miss what Jesus is trying to teach us in that certain season. In my previous season of sickness. Jesus taught me patience and letting go. I am still working on these two things, but without sickness it would probably would have never happened. Patience is the biggest fruit of the Spirit in my opinion as that sets the tone for everything else. Patience brings gentleness, kindness, self-control, and love.

Sometimes when we go through certain seasons. People think that they get a say about your next season. Why? Maybe they they had been there through everything in the past season so they think they deserve it? Well, honestly the only person that deserves a say in a new season is Jesus. When people move into another season it doesn’t always mean that relationships have to end as they just look different and that is hard for some people to handle.

Remember I said patience is the biggest fruit of the Spirit in my opinion. My question is if someone is having a hard time with a season change are they being patient enough to allow God to speak to them? It happens only two ways. You try and figure why the season changed or you accept the change and try to find your place in the new season.

God controls the wind, the rain, the thunder, and the lightening. Yes these things happen more in certain seasons. We are coming out of Hurricane season. My question for you. Are you stuck in Hurricane season waiting for a person to pull you out or are you allowing God to save you in the midst of your Hurricane.

My prayer for everyone is that you would allow Jesus to speak to you during this season of your life. Our family is in a quiet, still, and recovering season. This has been an unbelievable experience but it was because we prayed, sought Godly counsel, and then jumped!

I pray you will be still and patient. You never know what new season will start if you do.

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