The Abused Word

What has changed in our world to be so Offended these days. My guess would be for attention or getting their way.

I guess I am confused how people are so offended but they ride around, go on walks, or sit while listening to the most offensive music ever produced. That’s right. If you listen to any rap music from the 80’s, 90’s, or 2000’s how can you claim to be offended?

I honestly believe people are offended by convenience most the time. Yes. When it benefits their pocket. When it benefits their fame. When it benefits there agenda.

I am offended your a Christian. I am offended you voted for Donald Trump. I am offended you think there is a hell. I am offended you believe marriage is between a man and a woman. I am offended that you have a nicer car. I am offended you have a nice house. I am offended you think women belong in infantry units. I am offended I didn’t get the job. I am offended… the list goes on. THEY ARE CALLED OPINIONS!!!

When did opinions turn into offensive language. You can have an opinion, still not judge someone, and love them for where they are. Offended is the most over used word of 2021. People need to get over themselves. It’s America. We have the freedom to have an opinion. What happened to normal debates and still being friends?

You don’t think Jesus was offended his entire life or somewhat offended the Pharisees crucified Him for being the Son of God. O wait. I just offended someone by saying Jesus was the Son of God. Oops. No. Get over it! You don’t have to believe what I believe, just as I don’t have to believe what you believe. That used to be the normalcy in America. Until the offended got the loudest voice.

This is where I get confused. How did that this happened? How did the offended get the loudest voice? To be honest they always have. The Pharisees back in the day had the loudest voice just as the corrupt leaders have the loudest voice today.

It’s even worse because of social media, news ratings, the need to be first without being truthful, or having an opinion over facts. Yes this is a sensitive topic for many because we can’t offend anyone. We are all walking on glass at work, church, school, meetings, or just in public. Why?

The fear of being made an example of by someone and making you took like a villain. Let’s be honest. The military has become weak. Sports has become weak. Government has become weak. Schools are becoming weak. Everything is becoming weak because of the offended.

It’s so ridiculous because most the time it’s so hypocritical. Can you believe they said that, while you get in your car and listen offensive music.

Take for example the Jon Gruden situation. An email from 10 years ago. Really? 3/4’s of us wouldn’t have jobs if things were shared from 10-15 years ago. But wait.. Urban Meyer can be at a bar and offend 3/4’s of the women in America and still have a job from last week’s bar episode?

Why do I say all this? Christians are becoming scared and weak. I can’t share my testimony as I might offend someone else. I can’t talk about Jesus I might offend someone. If someone is offended by what you believe. Hand then a Kleenex and an American Flag.

Freedom of Speech. Freedom of Religion. The best thing ever is when individuals pray to win a game. Jesus, help us get that victory today. What? How about help us to be good sports today, play hard with respecting others, and keep everyone from injury. The problem is everyone wants to win 100 percent of the time. But losing gives us the best lessons.

Pharisees were offended until they killed a Jesus and the vail was broken. Then they all lived in fear. The whole point of this blog is we are circling back to time where there are more there virtue signaling Pharisees walking around than men and women of God. That is why the world is unbalanced. That is why sex trafficking is through the roof, murders are at high rates, and divorce is at a high rate.

Live your life the way you want but allow people to have opinions. America is great because we can all be different and disagree. But let’s keep going down this rabbit hole of universal healthcare, changing voting rights, changing the constitution, taking God and Country out of schools, and allowing a bunch sinners to make decisions that deepens their pockets and limits your freedom.

Yes I am a Christian. Yes I have opinions. Yes I can still love others for where they are in life. Yes I can be vocal. Yes I am veteran. And no I don’t really care what you think of me because I am a Child of God. Yes I am sinner saved by grace alone. And yes if you are offended, let me know if you want a Kleenex and an American Flag. Yes I am tired of weak and ungrateful people.

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