Focus is your Choice

Focus from the dictionary: the center of interest or activity.

We hear often that we should be focused like Jesus. I am sure for some about ten or twelve different thoughts ran through your mind. How? He was perfect. He had strength like no other. He didn’t live in today’s time with all the distractions. He was the Son of God.

For others it is more a simple answer. I will focus on what I can control. If you are a A type personality, I am sure that doesn’t sit well with you. Well I am a strong A type and it is hard to grasp. My wife is very laid back, in which this is her motto for life.

No one is perfect. We all have a past that we are ashamed of. We have all made decisions that we regret. We all have said things that we wish we could take back. We all have different opinions about important topics.

Most of us tend to live in this focal point of life. Yes the negative. Our past mistakes. Our past wrongful decisions. Our past hurtful words. How could I be friends with someone that thinks that way.

That’s where we have gone wrong as a society of believers in following Jesus. We have lost the focus of love and forgiveness. Living like Jesus is loving others for their past and loving them where they are currently are in life right now.

I would say over the last decade we have separated ourselves from living a life full of love and forgiveness. I think that is because a lot of people are still trying to figure out their life and that comes out in all different kinds of ways.

If you can’t forgive and love yourself. How do you expect to forgive and love others? That’s correct. You can’t! It is impossible! That’s what Jesus had figured out. He knew who he was. He loved first. He forgave even in the end. He knew His purpose. He was honest with His feelings. He was OKAY with who he was.

Most people in today’s society are fulfilling a purpose in their career or life to fill a void. It could be money. It could be attention. It could be control. There is no telling in this world what we try to compact in our void to make us happy.

If we could focus on loving ourselves so we could love and forgive others that would change the world. Yes even in negative times. Once you are okay with who you are. It doesn’t matter what other people think but we typically let that negativity get us off our path.

I heard from someone a few days ago. Prostitutes weren’t the problem. Pharisees were. If you think about that for a second, it’s so true. Pharisees back in the day were stoning prostitutes they had slept with. People using power to control the weak and vulnerable.

The Pharisees were filling their voids with power and control. They weren’t willing to understand grace and forgiveness for selfish reasons. Are you stuck in a selfish place where you cannot forgive someone for something they did, said, or a decision they made in the past?

If are stuck in that selfish place. I would ask you to focus on a couple things. What did you do in that time to try bring forgiveness and healing? Did you and are you still judging that person? Why are you allowing the past to consume you in a negative way? Remember the disciples that followed Jesus were NO saints!

Focus on finding you. Focus on loving yourself. Focus on turning that love into loving others as Christ loves you. Focus on forgiving others as Christ forgave you.

Where your focus is. Is where your heart will be!

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