Feelings aren’t Facts

What are facts these days? So many people try to create facts that are identified by their feelings.

It’s a fact. That we used to pray and say the pledge of allegiance in school when I was going up. What changed? Feelings over facts.

It’s a fact. That social media hasn’t always existed. As it was not around when I was growing. What changed? Someone had an idea for everyone to express their feelings at any given time.

It’s a fact. Facebook was created for college students only in the beginning to help connect students on college campuses. What happened? Someone had a feeling that expanding Facebook could make them a lot of money.

It’s a fact. That professional athletes, movie stars, and musical artist have more influence today. What happened? Social media gave kids a platform to make idols and live in glimpses of these “stars” instead of leaning on coaches, teachers, and parents as when I was growing up.

It’s a fact. The church is slowly dying in America just as it did in Europe. What happened? Our leaders and people of America have taken their eyes off Jesus.

It’s a fact. That important jobs as teachers and healthcare workers are leaving their jobs. What changed? A pandemic exposed how over worked these professions are which they feel underpaid and not valued.

It’s a fact. That a lot of our problems start inside the homes today. What changed? Parents want to be friends with their children, don’t want them to struggle, don’t want them to fail, don’t want to discipline them, and allow social media to run their lives.

The facts don’t lie. Social media is destroying our world faster than McDonald’s can make a cheeseburger. Important professionals, as, nurses and teachers are demanding more (which they should) and not being listened to. Famous people are not using their platform for the good of America but their own political agenda and money. Parents are losing the battle at home by being overrun by their child or children because of all the instant gratification that the world is throwing at them.

So what is my feeling? WHERE IS THE CHURCH? I’m not talking about a little or big fancy building congregating 100 to 1000’s of people on Sunday mornings. I’m talking about the good, faithful people that are allowing the world to win the battle!

The battle can’t be won on a Sunday. The battle has to be won every day inside your homes with your children. Yes I believe in the constitution. Yes I believe in Jesus. Yes I believe we can fight for our constitution. Yes I believe that you can love Jesus and still fight for what you believe is right.

Remember the last battle is going to be a religious war. Millions will die. So this whole aspect about not fighting for what you believe in is wrong, Makes No Sense!

Fact of the matter is Good People will not Fight for what they Believe because they were taught to stay in their lane and obey. Those are Feelings that were past down to you in a different Time.

It’s time for Good American Christians to stand up for their beliefs and rights before we lose all control.

One thought on “Feelings aren’t Facts

  1. David,
    Well said my brother. I am praying about having you speak at the church that I pastor.

    Jeffery Scott – Pastor
    Calvary Baptist Church
    Columbia, South Carolina
    Mobile (803) 318-2473
    Office (803) 787-7572
    Have a good and Godly day.


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