Billie Bright

Be Bright comes from a hashtag that my wife thought of when Billie Bright was battling Covid. In most situations Billie would always try to find the Bright side in every situation. The Bright side is not what most would think.

Majority of people think Bright is along the lines of happiness or Cinderella endings. The Bright side was always the facts and truth when dealing with other people. Sure Billie had problems of his own and battles that he struggled with. Would you know it on a any given day? That answer is for the ones that truly knew Billie, in which he opened up to about his personal life.

Billie always brought the Bright side to giving people an understanding on how to act or deal with situations in their life. It takes a lot of wisdom and knowledge to call someone out and have the guidance on how to help them move forward. Billie was not one for giving you the answer, but allowing your mind and heart to make the decision based on the wisdom he gave you.

We have to remember that the disciples that followed Jesus the closest had fears and struggles even in the midst of His presence. Being a disciple of Jesus was not for the fant of heart. It took a lot of courage and trust for these men to follow Jesus every day. I am sure there were some days that each of them wanted to return to their simple lives, but they were all in with following Jesus.

When I think of Being Bright. I think of a compass that allows you to follow Jesus and not your own understanding. Billie was like having a compass when I spent a lot of time with him. Every time we talked the compass would always be directed back towards Jesus. Sure some days are hard not having my physical compass here to help understand my thoughts, anxious ways, and misdirection of certain issues. This is a new beginning for me as well, as I am having to remind myself that Jesus is always my compass.

So my question today for you. Who or what is your compass in life? Are being led by money, family, friends, occupations, world leaders, or your own personal idol? All these things can change your course if your compass is not set on Jesus. We all face battles every day, but if you navigate with the correct compass you will always be on the right path.

I encourage you to read Proverbs 1. As these passages focus mainly on wisdom and knowledge for a true understanding on how we operate our daily lives. #bebright

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