Why Wait?

Run to your Dreams

In this life we all have choices. Even when we were young. Choosing to play outside, which friend’s house to go to, which sport to play, or even dream out what sports hero we would be if we played professional sports.

As kids time seems endless. Kids wake up, play, ask thousands of questions, eat, play some more, and really don’t have a worry in their minds.

Then as time goes on and we grow up we start to learn about life. We realize school is like a job, we start to experience pain with the loss of a loved one or a friend. Sometimes this is when death becomes a reality. Of course with this reality anxiety and depression start to settle in because one day we realize everyone we love, even ourselves are eventually going to die.

So why then do we play along with doing the standard. We play it safe most our life wishing we would have a taken more risks, more trips, created more memories, or even just lived outside out comfort zone a little. Some people would call this the cookie cutter lifestyle.

Natalie and I lived in Columbia, SC most our lives. So I think it was the assumption by most people we would live there forever. Natalie always said it best. Once a you’ve lived in the Irmo area, it’s hard to leave.

I will be the first to say that if I hadn’t gotten really sick and battled cancer we would mostly likely would have never thought about moving. There was just a peace in our hearts about creating a life for our kids that they would never forget. I mean ending a night sitting on the beach watching your kids play in the ocean, while Nat and I listen to music. You honestly cannot have it much better than that.

Some might say we’ve earned it after fighting in Iraq, ministry, Nat having fertility issues for years, and then sickness this year. I would say that is a not the case. We took a chance. We looked at where we were in our lives and dreamed about where we could be.

You see taking chances like that will give your kids and marriage memories forever. Anyone can do it. You just have to take a leap and trust God will fill in the gaps and help make it happen. It’s all on you to take the first step. It’s the ones that never leap that will regret not leaping many years from now.

Money will come and go. Jobs will come and go. Friends will come and go. Family will always be there but it’s your family unit that is the most important. Once you marry. It’s you, your wife, and your kids. That’s your only and first responsibility.

Where are you sitting right now in life? Where do you desire to go? What dreams do you want to fulfill? Yes. Failure is always a possibility but so is success! You’re right I have seen the depths of hell in war. I have had my share of losses. I have had my share of mistakes. I have had my scares of health issues. I have also experienced true joy and freedom the day we moved to the beach.

Anyone can do anything they put their minds to. Why wait? Complacency is the easy answer because it doesn’t rock anyone’s boat around you. It’s when you jump in the boat, pick your direction, and you go full steam ahead rocking some boats around you because you are so excited. Stop worrying about what everyone else is thinking and choose you!

If you wait, it’s only you that is missing out on freedom. No one has walked in your shoes and no one ever will. It’s your story. The one thing we can all say is that we have all experienced life in didn’t ways, and only a few us can say we truly enjoyed it! Don’t settle for anyone. Leap for you and your family to create something that you can’t imagine!

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