My Battle Buddy

My Battle Buddy

This is a term used quite often in Basic Training for the US Army. Battle Buddy is someone that looks out for you, helps you in the trenches, ensures that you are squared away with uniforms, locker arrangement, shined boots, on time for training, and reports if are in trouble.

Marriage is a beautiful unity but at times their can be battles. Every marriage has battles whether you want to admit it or not. Between kids, finances, activities, or other aspects of life. Life can be complicated at times but it’s all how you work together.

Marriage is something that takes time and a lot of work to win. After looking back over our 15 years of marriage, we have learned a lot about each other, learned how to fight with healthy boundaries, learned how to manage our family together, learned how to lean on each other first before others, and learned how to make big decisions, like moving to Oak Island.

Moving to Oak Island has been the best decision we have made in our marriage in a long time besides having our beautiful 3 kiddos. Getting out of comfort zone, especially after all the battles of illness this year has been a blessing in disguise. It has allowed us to focus on us, ourselves, and helping our kiddos adjust to a new place.

All this would have not been easy without my Battle Buddy! Yes! My bride! We balance each other very well and we have had time to look back at certain situations in our marriage where we both have made bad decisions but we understand that we are in this battle of life together.

Life is filled with all kinds of battles, but when you fight together it is a lot easier. Natalie is not perfect and neither am I. When we look at each other as partners or as I call it, Battle Buddies, we realize a lot of times we want the same thing, however it’s all about learning how to communicate and take action together.

On your next anniversary, use it as a time of reflection. Look where you started and look where you are now. There still might be hurts or scars, but we all have them from many aspects of life. We have learned to use our scars as our story to help others, in which is why Built 4 Battles was created to talk about our individual and marriage battles together. There will be a lot more to come in the coming months as we start to finalize a lot of visions with Built 4 Battles.

Thank your Battle Buddy if you are marriage and if you are not married. You need to find that find that friend that always has your back, NO MATTER WHAT!

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