Taking a Leap in Faith

Isaiah 41:10. “Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

Taking a leap of faith can be scary for many people. Yes! Even the most devoted Christians. We can see that many times with the disciples that walked closest to Jesus every day. Remember each disciple had to take a leap of faith to initially follow Jesus from their daily lives and routines.

When Natalie and I first starting talking about moving to Oak Island from a place where we had both been all of our lives it was a scary thought at first. After we had both prayed about it we decided to scope out the area a little more before making the decision.

During that time of scoping out the possible transition everything began to fall into place. We found a diamond in rough rental beach house, we found the perfect lot for our future home, we found a great church, I was offered a new position with my company, and we sold our home in less than 2 days.

When you feel God speaking and leading you in a new direction sometimes you have to be willing to go. I think this is where a lot of us get stuck in life. We get complicate with our surroundings. We get into a routine and get really comfortable with our lives. We are afraid to allow God to shake things up in which a lot of times we tend to push Him away if we Him doing this.

I honestly believe if I would have never gotten really sick from Covid and had surgery from kidney cancer we would still be in the same house and doing the same routine. It was in those four months of being still that Jesus began to speak to Natalie and I that it was a time for change. At first we didn’t understand what that change would look like or how it would even happen.

As you can see from what I mentioned above about the beach house, the lot, our new church, and selling our house all happened in a couple weeks. Once we both submitted to Jesus and truly trusted Him, things all fell into place very quickly. Now our family is waking up to the sound of the ocean and we walk out the front door seeing the ocean and feeling the ocean breeze.

Once again. Why are we here? That is yet to be answered but we know that it is where we are supposed be from the confirmation of everything falling into place so quickly! We know that Jesus has something in store for us in this community.

Don’t let fear keep you from taking a leap of faith! Fear is used by the devil from fulfilling what God has planned for you. Remember we all have free will but we all have the ability to be still, trust in Jesus, and jump with a leap of faith.

What has Jesus been calling you to do? Have you been still and listened to Him lately? That was and has always been my biggest issue. Yes, being still and listening. I finally was forced to be still and I used that time to listen to Him. I am truly thankful for that time as it has truly changed the pace and focus of our family. Especially me!

Take time to today to start being still and listening to what Jesus is telling you! Trust Him in what you hear and then ask a few mentors to pray about what you are hearing from God. That was our process and it has been life changing!

Don’t be afraid to take a LEAP in FAITH!

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