Faith + Waymaker

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭11:1‬ ‭

“And You are
Way maker, miracle worker
Promise keeper, light in the darkness
My God, that is who You are” – Leeland

If you are not a mechanic, do you really think about how your car actually runs? If you are not a pilot, do you really think about how the plane flies? If you are not builder, do you really think about how the house was built?

A lot of times we jump into the car and drive off to get to are destination. We walk onto the plane, sit down, and put in our headphones. We even walk through our front door and go straight to kitchen or bedroom.

For the majority of us this is reality. However, there was a lot of work put into building your or fixing your car, a lot of stress as the pilot checks and rechecks everything as the plane flies, and a lot of detail went into ensuring your house was built to code for safety.

This is no different in how God created each one us. We are each a detailed masterpiece created in the likeness of Him. Just a car mechanic, a pilot, and builder have different skills. We were each created with certain skills, creativity, and purposes.

Rather you believe in Jesus or not you rely on faith everyday. The reality is once we begin to realize that our faith comes from Jesus we start to appreciate things a little more. Hopefully you are still thinking about the mechanic, the pilot, and builder.

As you start to really think about those occupations, if you do not understand the details it is hard to understand how the car works, the plane actually flies, and the house is built. We take things for granted on a daily basis and expect our car to start, the pilot to get us to our destination, and the builder to build our house on time.

That is how a lot of us treat our relationship with Jesus. We expect for our loved ones to be healed, we expect Jesus to fix our financial situation, we expect Jesus to fix our marriage, we expect Jesus to fix family relationships, or even expect Jesus to fix the world’s problems.

We have lost sight in what faith really is. Faith is putting all trust into Jesus no matter the situation and what we can’t see. We put faith into a mechanic fixing our car, a pilot safely flying a plane to the destination, or even a builder to build our house to code for safety. We are so quick to put our faith in people with certain gifts, but we are so slow to put our faith in Jesus.

Did you see the mechanic fix your car, did watch the pilot flying the plane, or even watch every detail of your house being built. I would guess no. We have become a society where we are putting our faith in leaders, friends, or families. With this we are disappointed often and even get frustrated to the point of not respecting each other all because we put our faith in sinful people.

We have to start putting our faith back into Jesus. The One and Only that can truly turn any bad situation into good. When we truly start to turn our eyes back to Jesus our lives seem a little more peaceful and certain aspects of our life start to fall into place.

Your car might not start today, your pilot might take you through turbulence during your flight, and your house might have a couple issues. Stop and breathe, as my encouragement today is that you would stop putting your faith in people and start putting your faith into the Master’s perfect hands!

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