Serving over Selfishness

“Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everyone.” Romans 12:17

Many of us have heard the statement, “Hurting people, Hurt People.”

In a time where adults are fighting over our kids wearing masks or not wearing masks. Adults trying to find a gas station without a long line with the cheapest price. Adults hearing federal assistance will be ending soon for adults laid off from Covid. Adults trying to make ends meet with employees not coming back to work.

I could go on and on with different scenarios that adults are going through. With all these circumstances and many more circumstances, adults are under more pressure now than ever before.

Maybe adults could slow down for a second and breathe. Another saying is, “this too shall pass.” Let’s be honest if it wasn’t one of these circumstances, it would mostly likely be something else. We have to get passed the negative circumstances and start assisting each other. We could were masks for a little longer to show others that we care about their health as well. We could fill up half our car and let someone else take the half at your expense. We could all start doing our part in the community and heading back to the workforce for the future of our economy.

The problem with this solution it takes sacrifice to make all these examples fall into place. Do we really understand what sacrifice means? Giving a homeless man or woman money isn’t a sacrifice. Giving a homeless man or woman a meal and 30 minutes of your time is a sacrifice. You giving up your time is a sacrifice!

What if.. you were late to an appointment or meeting because you were explaining the importance of wearing masks to a young person to show others kindness, you were filling up someone’s car before the gas station ran out, or you were encouraging another person to get back in the workforce to help the economy. This could start a conversation that might convince a few more people to do the same thing.

Most of time everything happens in a chain reaction. As others will do things that they see others doing. This is why Jesus is so important to understand and build a relationship with. As you grow in your relationship with Him doing things like these examples come more naturally. We can either choose to serve ourselves or serve others. Remember we were created to love and serve others with our talents.

These are the important actions our kids need to see. They need to understand what it truly means to sacrifice for someone else out of love. What example our you setting for your kids today or how can you set a better example tomorrow.

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