Remain Calm with Kindness

“A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.” Proverbs‬ ‭15:1‬ ‭

Before I started my devotion this morning. I saw that Leon Lott, the Richland County Sheriff in South Carolina was doing a news conference on a breaking story. I didn’t want to be distracted during my time with Jesus, so I went ahead and listened to the breaking news.

A soldier that had signed up to defend our country had just finished his third week into basic training. For some reason this individual dressed himself in his PT uniform, took a gun from the base, and ended up boarding a school bus. From the news conference it seemed he was trying to escape from training, as the Sheriff stated the individual told the bus driver to drive a couple towns away.

Yes the kids and the bus driver are safe. The individual was arrested without any incidents taking place. The sheriff basically said the bus driver was a hero for remaining calm and thinking only about the kids safety.

We could sit around and try to play the Clue game on why the individual got to this point of taking a school bus with kids hostage. Which would be a big waste of time because the incident is over. I would rather sit around and talk through the bus driver. He remained very calm with kids on the bus and soldier with a gun next him.

I say that because there is not much to talk about besides the bus driver remained calm and cared more about the kids on the bus than himself. We can all learn from the bus driver as he was in immediate danger and one sense of anger could have triggered the solider to lose control.

Now stop. Think about the last time you got angry and over reacted. Were you in immediate danger? Were you worried about kids losing their lives? This is a very rare situation with the bus, so I would say that it probably wasn’t this big. We can all get frustrated and upset. Your reaction is your choice. You could be dealing with situation with your spouse, kids, teachers, coaches, family members, friends, or even talking about masks for schools. Your reaction determines how the situation might go. Maybe they just need to be loved like Jesus besides being lectured.

You can correct or be frustrated in kindness. It takes a lot of will power on your end but it is possible to love like Jesus. You aren’t responsible for the person that you hurt you. You are only responsible for your actions. If you love and correct in kindness, you don’t allow Satan to get in the middle of the situation.

Kindness can be difficult a lot of times because we are human. We have to remember to wait to respond or love like Jesus. It goes back to treating others like you would want to be treated.

Remember to respond with kindness today and watch how God uses that situation for His good.

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