Patience and Kindness

“Through patience a ruler can be persuaded, and a gentle tongue can break a bone.”
‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭25:15‬ ‭

Patience. I believe this one of the main reasons our communities, marriages, friendships, careers, and relationship with Jesus fail or get off course. We are always so quick to make decisions on our own without any hesitation to stop, pray, and wait.

Wait. Yes this is the hardest of the three mentioned above as we can stop and pray, but waiting is the most important. It’s no different than cooking. You don’t just throw all the ingredients together, and eat it (except cookies). You have to put it the oven and wait for all your work to come together for a nice meal.

This is no different with our relationship with Jesus and others in making decisions. We have to wait after we pray about our situation. If we choose to make a quick decision it could change the course of your life. That is correct, free will. We always have choice because we were given free will to make our own decisions. The question is. Is that what God had in store for you?

Yes, God can use any situation for His good, but at any moment Jesus could have chosen not to submit to the Roman soldiers, and run from the cross. Jesus knew what he was called to accomplish for us. Jesus often prayed by himself, satan tried to tempt Him, and even in the garden He asked God if there was any other way. So yes, we have a choice every time.

As you look back through Jesus’ life, He was always approaching His enemies and followers with kindness. Kindness takes a lot of patience. Jesus patience and kindness went along way during His ministry with His disciples especially. The men closest to Him question things often. I am sure at times this was frustrating, but Jesus knew their minds would overtake their hearts from time to time.

I know it is impossible to be like Jesus, but we can try everyday! If I had to pick my two weakness in my life, it would be patience and kindness. Yes, I am a kind person, however my patience can turn my kindness into frustration. We have to remember just as “gentle tongue can break a bone.” An unkind tongue can damage or shatter a bone. We have to learn to be patient when we are attacked, during an argument, disciplining our children, or making life decisions.

I understand we live in a fast paced world that wants answers immediately, but we have to remember we don’t answer to anyone. We answer to God. You can always kindly ask anyone that you need a few minutes, few hours, or even few days to make a decision or respond. This is where a lot of us make the biggest mistakes. We don’t ask for time and take our problems or next steps to Jesus. It’s during those patient times that Jesus speaks to us the most.

Be transparent with others, as they will respect you more if you ask for time and remain kind. I know there are times in my life I struggle with both patience and kindness. Remember nothing good comes from a quick response or action because it is not from the heart, but from your mind. I honestly believe we have to allow time for our mind and heart to connect and get on the same page.

Let’s remember today that we need to start being more patient so we can respond in kindness.

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