Today’s Church vs God’s Image

“he made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.” Ephesians 1:9-10

Is today’s Church really seen as the Image of God? Sure the Church is technically people but I feel in today’s society Church is a place of brick and mortar.

I have always struggled with Church being more of a business than a place where it is a reflection of God’s Image. The traditions, the denomination division, the judgment of non denominational churches, the politics of Church, the campaigning for money for all types of projects. Have we gotten away from Jesus’s ministry (relational and discipleship ministry) and more on the tangibles?

This blog is not to say Church is not needed but to get leaders to reflect if there church is truly seeking to be the Image of God. I feel a lot of churches are focused on the basket and the head count not trying to unite and change a city, town, or state. We just read the Scripture, “to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.”

In a failing society where the media has absolutely destroyed our country with division among people. Where is the Church uniting to fight back and unite the people? We are believers in Jesus Christ so if all believers unite in cities, towns, and states then media loses but we have become a weak society that has lost it’s willingness to “Fight the Good Fight”. We don’t have to politically correct, all we have to do is act like Christ. If that offends people, guess what; Jesus offended a lot of people (remember He was killed for it!)

It’s Sunday, let’s get our coffee, let’s listen to announcements, let’s worship, let’s collect money, let’s worship some more, and then let’s listen to God’s Word. Every single Sunday with the exception of special Sunday’s and Holidays. I know that your thinking, everything else that should take place is for small groups on a different day. This is where the Church is missing the opportunity for true change!

Get back to Jesus’ ministry, which was the Image of God not the Image of Sunday. I have always said, if churches would worship, pray, worship, have people share their battles, pray for them, and worship more the Church would explode. Why? Because it becomes about the Image of God and not a planned Sunday. This becomes about people changing people all while worshiping and praying together. Doesn’t God say if you are following His Will He will provide!

If you ask most people, their best experience of Church is worship! Worship, Prayer, and Battle stories. That’s all it takes! How do I know? I have been to Billy Graham Crusades, Winter Jam, Big Stuf, International House of Prayer, and many others. Now imagine that every Sunday but with more prayer and true battle stories. This is where unity happens because people don’t feel alone anymore because they connect with others dealing with issues they are dealing with.

The most important part is people will give their lives to Christ more and more. This is where ministry staff comes in. Following up with people, connecting, and shepherding. It’s takes them out of the politics because their schedules are full of shepherding. We have created the drama in the Church and it takes away from ministry. We want Unity then We have change and start thinking out of the box like Jesus did! The Church tries to do too much besides keeping it simple, and allowing their people connect outside of Church and feel the passion to open God’s Word.

I was Built for Battle so the question is, were you? It takes Warriors to bring Change!

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