Learn to Adjust

Adjustments is what wins games in any sport. Whether basketball in a timeout figuring out a way to get pass the full court press, in baseball or softball figuring out which pitcher to put in to close, in football at half time adjusting your defense to pick up missed reads or plays, in racing figuring out when to pit stop to change tires based on the leader board, or even in MMA or boxing adjusting after a round to change up your fighting style.

We could go on with many other sports in how adjustments can lead teams or individuals to victory but it takes the head coach or trainer to determine the changes that need to be made.

In life the husband and wife work together to hold everything together. Whether finances, kid’s sports or school, work schedules, vacations, church activities, date nights, family nights, or even planning holidays. With all these different things sometimes we have to adjust to ensure we are making time for each aspect of our lives, but one person has to take the lead.

I have never been great at change or adjustments, so my wife is the one to handle the schedules and finances. I have more of a soldier mentally, if you give me instruction I will get the task done. Through everything our family has been through Natalie has shined even more in adjusting while I have been recovering.

The biggest thing in my life that I have adjusted to was my health 2 1/2 years ago. It changed my health, attitude, appearance, stamina, and lifestyle. It was one of the hardest things I have ever adjusted as I had a strict diet plan every day and a very strict weightlifting plan to ensure my goals were met when it was time to hit the stage. The tiniest food adjustment or workout could change my whole look weeks before getting on stage.

In the end, the person that had to make the biggest adjustment was my wife with my meal schedules, workouts throughout the day, and posing sessions at a moments notice. You see it all boils down to one person adjusting to ensure the whole team wins but they have to know their team or family to ensure the changes are capable of happening.

Sometimes one adjustment will win a game, change a family, or even save your life. I still give Jesus the credit for putting me on my fitness journey as it was mostly likely one of the main reasons I survived my Covid-19 case.

Don’t be afraid of adjustments that need to be made. All it takes is communicating with your team or family to ensure everyone’s goals are met to give everyone a chance to WIN!

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